The way to get started
is to quit talking and
begin doing.

Walt Disney

Our Staff

Don Truetken - President/Owner
Don Truetken has been in the construction business for over 30 years since the age of 10, working in his father's business.  Upon graduation from college, he worked primarily as a construction manager for two separate companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  After quickly rising to top management in those companies, Capitol Marble and Granite hired him to manage their newly developed construction division.

In 1985, Mr. Truetken came to Indianapolis, to begin construction on the first Capital Center building for R.V. Welch Investments.  After completion of many high-rise stone cladding projects throughout the U.S., he returned to Indianapolis to transform the skyline in to what we see today.

In 1989, After Cold Spring Granite Company purchased Capital Marble and Granite.  Mr. Truetken became Cold Spring's Operations Manager of its Structural Installation Group.  During his employment with Cold Spring, he was instrumental in his division 400% growth in 3 years.  Upon completion of Eli Lilly's research facilities in 1992, he formed his business, Progressive Construction Services Inc.

Drawing upon his extensive experience in the design, fabrication, and installation of granite, marble and limestone, Mr. Truetken took the start up company to a leadership position in the granite, marble and limestone industry.

John Rupp - Vice President
Having completed college, John was recruited by Don Truetken to join him in 1988.  He assumed duties as a Project Engineer for the major stone supplier for whom Mr. Truetken was employed.  John immediately began engineering and designing drawings on projects the company currently had under contract.  His experience in the detailing, design, and approval process proved invaluable when installing the pre-assembled stone trusses he had been working on.  John's experience in design, fabrication, assembly, and eventually the construction of stone cladding systems has made him a popular choice among superintendents and field personnel.  He also has extensive experience in both large and small mausoleum construction.  He has played a key role in the success of Progressive Construction Services, Inc.