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Available Finishes

The following finishes are available as standard from Progressive Stone.  Other custom finishes can be produced on a special order basis.  Progressive Stone  provides over 500 color and finish combinations for you to choose from.

The Polished finish is a highly reflective, mirror gloss finish. The full color, depth and crystal structure of the stone is visible.  A polished finish seals surface pores and is, therefore, nearly impervious to weather and chemical wear.

A smooth, satin surface without reflection, the Honed finish shows the full color of the stone.  It is produced on the same equipment as the polished finishes; however, the honing process ends prior to the buffing stage.

The Thermal finish is produced by applying a high-temperature flame to the surface of the stone.  This flame fractures crystals on the face, leaving a rough-textured finish.  Highly skid-resistant, this finish is an excellent choice for walking surfaces.

Water jet treatment to enhance the color and appearance of the stone.  Highly recommended on darker granite colors.